Welcome to the sailing vessel S/Y Biscaya af Vindalsö!

Biscaya is a beautiful wooden sailing ship that was built in 1933 in Sweden. Since 70 years back, Biscaya sails every summer with scouts in and around the Baltic Sea region, offering scouts the amazing opportunity to see new places and meet new friends at the same time as they learn about sailing and life on the sea. Onboard there are four skippers and twelve participants. We all share and take part in the daily routine onboard, such as sailing the vessel, navigation, cooking, planning the trip and so on.



The variety of things you will experience on a sailing trip with Biscaya is always striking, and as a participant, you can often help to plan the trip to see the things you want to see.

We value this opportunity because we all see scouting as a global organisation and of course because we want to share the beauty of the Scandinavian landscapes and waters with our scout friends from around the world.


Höga kusten


The year of 2015 we had two sailing trips for international participants and we are planning for more international activities in the future. Are you also a scout and interested in sailing, international exchange and learning by doing? Do you also want a whole bunch of new friends and to learn more about Scandinavia, it’s people and the way of life in the north? Don’t hesitate to contact us! info@biscaya.org